Crazy Like Me? Yes…

This is C.L.M. records. It’s funny to write that because at this point there are no records, only planned records. The only records are from others like Riotvan (Good Guy Mikesh and Filburt, Peter Invasion, Here is Why), Mathias Kaden and Douglas Greed. Yes I’m name dropping; with a view to a sonic rainbow (promo-set) of spectacularly vivid color! All the same, there is another record that exists in my head where I provide the vocals on all of the tracks, and I have some producers who have something to say. Or just go here.

The name of this project is ‘Besides myself’: there are Leshrac, Schleck und Stecker and DJ Less. The EP has a distinct ‘dawn‘ vibe. That is, you can be awake at 5:30 for your morning run and you might have one of these tracks thumping the pace. You might be driving on a Saturday morning where the first few glimmers of sunlight caress you in the most subtle way. The aim of this EP is to showcase the talents of two elite class ‘sonicsmiths’ and Less’s innate ability to spin an electronic chill session

DIscussing sonic strategy

Gjae and Mich-a…

with no strings attached. Gjaezon on the vocals.

I’ve made a ton of music with Less (promo-set); since 2004 we’ve been on stage at festivals, in clubs and hundreds of hours putting together sets and songs. Leschrac (or D3mons) is an electronic wizard I met at a party a few years ago. He was busy building and deconstructing tracks and samples and after I picked up the mike, the rest was history. Schleck and Stecker are like the mad scientists of electro: a little dash there, a beaker full of that there, heat, tempo and BLAM SPLAT kabuki kabuki rrroompstpaaht…CHAHT!

Less and Gjae

In the spotlight

So that’s a start…


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