Das deutsche Label Crazy Like A Fox Records feiert mit der EP “Spectrum Odysee” seine erste Katalognummer. Die Kollektion, die mit den Tracks “Circle”, “Polar” und “Let Me Fall” bestückt ist, wurde von Leshrac und Less konzipiert. Unterstützung erhielten sie durch die Vocals von GJeazon. Ab Anfang 2013 wird die EP im Handel erhältlich sein.


01. Leshrac feat. GJeazon – Circle
02. Leshrac feat. GJeazon – Polar
03. Leshrac & Less feat. GJeazon – Let Me Fall


Spectrum Odysee EP

Release: January 2013


  • A1 – Circle
  • A2 – Polar
  • B – Let Me Fall


  • Leshrac
  • Less
  • Gjaezon

Production: 300

Spectrum Odysee EP

The fox is a sly and cunning fellow. And here he’s putting it on display. To the advantage of the listener. Gjaezon’s aficionado label Crazy Like a Fox Records is serving notice: foxy music made with blood, sweat and tears man. Let’s go crazy.

For the longest time there has been a lot of love on display when singing and electronic sit together in the pool. In the 80’s the bar was set with genius strokes from artists like Soft Cell. Today’s club music offerings are unfortunately not always up to par. When Gjaezon speaks to the mic, there is a different movement. It effervesces powerfully. This is how he goes about his craft on this release.

In the past his soul vocals & poetry slang seasoned tracks from Douglas Greed, Mathias Kaden, Sante and Less. Precisely here he again sits in the pool, together with Leshrac who loves to build his own synthesizers! Together they prescribe a wellness therapy on two wonderful songs that oscillate between listening, experiment and club affinity. “Circle” and “Polar” could be classed with dubby electronica-downbeat and a slight pop toxicity, directly in the head-knocker area. On Less’s “Let Me Fall” they have tightened the reins with driving synthie traces. Out comes a discreet-distinctive smasher for the depths of the night: Let us fall in the club baby…

Best regards,
Oliver Goldt

Just Close Your Eyes…

Spectrum Odysee EP

Spectrum Odysee EP

That was how it began for me so long ago. Instead of giving my thunder away for free, I’ll just throw it out there with all I have, with the help of the homies. A couple of crazy guys who are just doing what we do and hoping for some resonance. Meanwhile here is the link for those who might like a taste…



Garden Groove (click it!)

This is a live recording of a show we had as the summer drew to a close. A nice cozy garden party where we were able to stretch out a little bit. It rained so the energy of the hardcore party animals (who refused to go home) huddled in front of the decks as opposed to the bonfire.

You can hear some of the interaction with the crowd as we integrate them into the set (with not a little feedback). Twas a  lot of fun…

Crazy Like Me? Yes…

This is C.L.M. records. It’s funny to write that because at this point there are no records, only planned records. The only records are from others like Riotvan (Good Guy Mikesh and Filburt, Peter Invasion, Here is Why), Mathias Kaden and Douglas Greed. Yes I’m name dropping; with a view to a sonic rainbow (promo-set) of spectacularly vivid color! All the same, there is another record that exists in my head where I provide the vocals on all of the tracks, and I have some producers who have something to say. Or just go here.

The name of this project is ‘Besides myself’: there are Leshrac, Schleck und Stecker and DJ Less. The EP has a distinct ‘dawn‘ vibe. That is, you can be awake at 5:30 for your morning run and you might have one of these tracks thumping the pace. You might be driving on a Saturday morning where the first few glimmers of sunlight caress you in the most subtle way. The aim of this EP is to showcase the talents of two elite class ‘sonicsmiths’ and Less’s innate ability to spin an electronic chill session

DIscussing sonic strategy

Gjae and Mich-a…

with no strings attached. Gjaezon on the vocals.

I’ve made a ton of music with Less (promo-set); since 2004 we’ve been on stage at festivals, in clubs and hundreds of hours putting together sets and songs. Leschrac (or D3mons) is an electronic wizard I met at a party a few years ago. He was busy building and deconstructing tracks and samples and after I picked up the mike, the rest was history. Schleck and Stecker are like the mad scientists of electro: a little dash there, a beaker full of that there, heat, tempo and BLAM SPLAT kabuki kabuki rrroompstpaaht…CHAHT!

Less and Gjae

In the spotlight

So that’s a start…